Planning your trip to the Southern Hemisphere for a skiing holiday is a daunting prospect but be prepared to find the best places to ski with our guide in Australia’s most popular ski resorts. The South Australian Alps, the world’s second largest ski resort, provides some of the country’s best skiing and snowboarding from the beginning of June through October. Here are our top picks from Jim’s Self Storage Yarraville.

Mt. Buller, Melbourne

two friends on a ski lift in mt buller

Mt. Buller, a three hour drive from Melbourne, is a comfortable choice for inbound travelers. Melbourne’s massive Sydney International Airport is situated in the heart of South Australia, only a few miles from the city of Adelaide, enabling you to travel out of town for about 6 hours to easily fly to one of Australia’s best ski resorts.

For just a few buses leaving Sydney, the best choice is to take a bus to Canberra+, where you can book a ride to the snowy mountains quickly. When you’re from Canberra, the lesser-known national capital, the trip just takes 2.5 hours and you’re flying to Sydney International Airport for a fast detour to one of Australia’s finest resorts.

Mt. Buller is from Melbourne just three hours away, and if you don’t mind an early start, you can get there in less than an hour! Pro skiers go south, where they’ll find the blue slopes (read: rough and scary), while novice skiers like to go up the red slopes and down the mountain’s north side. Mount Hotham is located about 700 kilometers (eight hours) southwest of Sydney, and is one of the most popular ski resorts in Australia.

Many who have never seen a pair of skis will catch a Discovery Pass that includes lessons and access to eight lifts for beginners. Throughout the slopes you can even rent equipment and ski for free, taking advantage of seven lifts that take you around the mountain with excellent ski conditions and views. Flights to the mainland are easy to catch for skiing while exploring the natural wonders of this picturesque area.

Perisher Ski Resort, NSW

a group of friends on a ski lift in perisher ski park

Whether you want to venture into Australia’s Self Storage Yarraville area, Perisher provides many peaks and nearly 50 lifts that hit hundreds of trails in New South Wales.

It provides stunning ocean views, dolphin swimming and even spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, if the conditions are correct. Skiers and boarders will ascend four peaks without ever getting to the station in the valley. There are four separate ski lifts available altogether.

Mount Hotham, Victoria

a man skiing down the hill

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort is considered Australia’s powder city, and has been a renowned ski resort for over 125 years. When you want to win a double New Zealand, you should go hiking, sailing and sailing at Mt. Hutt before taking stunning views of Auckland city and Auckland harbour. It was named New York City’s best ski resort, and in 2012 named the world’s second best ski and surf resort.

Self Storage Yarraville hosts many enthusiastic skiers, with slopes for beginners, novice and intermediate skiers. Experienced skiers can enjoy stunning views of Mt. Hotham, as well as a number of ski and snowshoeing routes.

Self Storage Yarraville also provides fairly easy access to the slopes and Melbourne’s Mount Hotham is only a 4.5-hour drive away, making it a popular choice for skiers and snowshoers. Sydney is home to some of the best known Australian beaches, including the trendy Bondi Beach. Only a few hours ‘drive from Melbourne, you’ll find the Melbourne Harbor Bridge’s best views that inspire you to find yourself in the Alps.