If you’re reading all about proper boat Storage Near Altona, it’s very likely you don’t need to be sold the many awesome benefits of life on the water. So because you really love your boat, it’s no surprise that when it emerges from those long, cold and inclement winter months from a well deserved rest, you want it to be as good as new and ready for some fair-weather adventures next season!

So let’s look at a simple 4-step process for boat storage.

1. Do a post-season check

When it’s fresh off the water for a little layoff, that’s the perfect time to give your boat some professional TLC. If the good weather season has caused a few niggly problems, or left their mark in terms of simple wear and tear, leaving them dormant can be the exact catalyst for making a small problem much worse.

Discover Boating have prepared a great boating maintenance checklist to thoroughly examine your boat’s systems and equipment.

2. Get the right cover & supports

A good quality cover will prevent it from collecting dust while in boat Storage Near Altona, but arguably even more important is that your boat has something adequate to support it from underneath. Boats, remember, are designed for the water rather than boat storage, so you’ll need the right trailer, jack, stand or blocks for it to sit on that takes the weight evenly and doesn’t overstress it.

3. Do a thorough clean & dry

As well as getting any repairs and maintenance done, your boat also deserves a thorough clean before it lays dormant for weeks or months in boat Storage Near Altona. The sea or lake can leave its mark, but a thorough drying after that thorough clean is also crucial to prevent moisture building up and mildew forming during boat storage. Finish the job with fresh lubrication for the moving parts that won’t be doing any moving for a little while!

4. The right boat storage

It’s very possible that, next to your house, your boat is your most valuable asset or investment. So to properly protect it, you’ll need to have the right storage space for your boat. You might be considering storing you boat in the garage, and while this will help protect your boat from the weather, it also means that your garage is practically unusable for anything else, including keeping your car out of the elements.

Because it’s so valuable, you need a boat storage solution that goes above and beyond your front or back yard or even a lock-up garage. Storage Near Altona provides security not only for your boat but also keeps those expensive boat accessories well away from prying eyes and evil intentions.

Using Storage Near Altona for boat storage isn’t comparatively expensive, so it simply makes sense to ensure your boat is safe and sound when you won’t be using it. By using a self storage facility you may also reduce your insurance. Boats that are stored well simply cost insurance companies less in payouts, so they know that responsible boat owners can simply be charged less.

Jim’s Storage is simply perfect for boat Boat Storage Near Altona, not only because of the secure facilities. Our location is only minutes away from the Altona boat ramp and ‘the warmies’, one of Melbourne’s best fishing spots!