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home office storage ideas

5 Flexible And Space-saving Home Office Storage Ideas

home office storage ideas

If there’s something we know about here at Jim’s, it’s storage. And if there’s something that has changed about how so many people work in this new Covid-19 world, it’s the switch to setting up an office at home. So we thought it was the perfect opportunity to answer one of the most commonly asked questions asked by those setting up home offices: Where to put all of that stuff? The perfect place to start is right here, with our brilliant home office storage ideas.

how to stage home for sale

9 Easy Ways To Stage Your Home For Sale

how to stage home for sale

If it’s time to sell your home, you want to get the best price possible. The market conditions, neighbourhood and size of your block might not be in your control, but one key aspect is. First impressions. Thinking about how to stage your home for sale can add a healthy amount to the final sale price and also get it sold faster.

In a nutshell, good home staging means your house is not presented exactly how you may want to live in it, but it looks and feels exactly the way that makes buyers want to buy it!

Luckily, it’s not rocket science. Here’s what to do:

1. Fix the little things

While you may be happy in your humble abode, it’s the little things that can miss your attention when it comes to moving on.

We’re talking about those little scuff-marks on the wall or that leaking tap that you’ve learned to live with. They may be the little things, but they can be a big deal when you’re trying to make a good impression.

2. Get rid of the clutter

One of the easiest ways to turn off a buyer when they’re sussing out your place is to clutter their mind with … your clutter!

Not just that, if every cupboard and storage space is overloaded with your junk, you may create the impression that storage is an issue with your house. So do yourself a favour and contemplate spending a few dollars on a some short term self storage in Melbourne.

3. Highlight the selling points

The basics of your house may have some downsides, but at the very least you need to be highlighting the really good things about living where you live.

So if you have great lounge room windows that really let in that afternoon light and warmth, consider removing the huge drapes that hide them away. If the whopping great counter tops in your kitchen are going to excite a particular buyer, make sure they’re not cluttered with appliances and junk that might find a better place for the time being in storage.

4. Prepare the rooms ideally

You shift into a higher price bracket if your house has particular basic features – like a fourth bedroom or a second bathroom.

So if that fourth bedroom is actually your ‘spare room’ and you’ve filled it with unused junk like piles and piles of clothes as well as an exercise bike, you really need to consider putting it all in storage instead. Then, think about filling that new space with a bed and a couple of side tables.

Similarly, if your second bathroom is unused and neglected, spruce it up so that it’s not obvious that you really can live with just a single bath or toilet.

5. Arrange Your Furniture

It would be best if you consider rearranging your furniture to give the best look to viewers. Create walkable space to ease the movement making the house seem more spacious. If furniture is in the way or not adding to the appeal, refer to step 2!

6. Make the personality ‘neutral’

All too often, what turns off a potential buyer is a home decoration ‘personality’ that doesn’t match their own.

That’s because everyone has their own taste – and your gaudy colours and brash furnishings could turn off rather than impress the perfect buyer. On the other hand, neutral colours and basic decorations and furniture will appeal to most, so think about getting out that paint brush and sending some of your more unusual furniture to storage. You can even rent furniture for home staging.

7. Consider the lighting

It would be best to avoid darkness filling your house while the buyers familiarise themselves with the home. Consider opening the blinds of the windows to let light fill the rooms. Additionally, you may opt to put more lamps and make sure that the lights are on throughout the walk.

8. Ensure Freshness

One significant way to ensure that bad odours are no more in your house is by a thorough cleaning. Ensure that areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are appealing to the buyers. Empty dustbins and ensure that all corners create an excellent impression to the buyers.

Alternatively, you can put some sweet-scented flowers in different areas of the house. The flowers you choose should be fresh, providing a conducive environment for all.

9. Focus Where it Counts

In every house, buyers focus more on some rooms that interest them. If it’s a house they want to live in, lay more emphasis on the table room and also master bedroom. The kitchen is also another area you should utilise more time decorating it. Remember, home staging can be expensive, but if you apply smart tips, you will spend less and achieve more.

Making your house look nice is always on the list of things for a seller to do. But thinking about how to stage your home for sale in the most professional way is actually a big trend that is really converting into the highest prices and fastest sales right now. Can you think of any other simple tips for staging homes? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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The DIY Guide to Self Storage Planning & Preparation

Whether you are moving house, traveling or relocating your business, there are many times where you will need to store some of your items. A self storage unit is a great solution to this problem.

However, a poorly planned self storage unit where you items are not prepared properly can lead to headaches when accessing your items and can even eventually cause damage to your stored goods.

Our self storage guide is for planning and preparing your items for self storage, and can help avoid some of these issues. If you’re wondering how much self storage space you might need, head over to our storage space calculator.


“The DIY Guide to Self Storage Planning & Preparation” Infographic Transcription

Whether you are moving house, traveling or relocating your business, there are many times where you will need to store some of your items. A self storage unit is a great solution to this problem. However, a poorly planned self storage unit where your items are not prepared properly can lead to headaches when accessing your items and can even eventually cause damage to your stored goods. Our guide to planning and preparing your items for self storage can help avoid some of these issues.


The use of Packing accessories such as Cartons, Porta Robes, Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap and Plastic covers will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage.

Fill Cartons to capacity; partially full or bulging Cartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small Cartons so they are easy to handle. Books should be packed flat, not on their spines. Packing and labeling Cartons room by room makes the unpacking much easier, and if you need to find something in storage you will have some idea of which ca on to begin looking in.


Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly DRY and CLEAN before storing. A dirty or wet fridge or microwave can lead to an unpleasant odor that will seep in to other items, especially cushions, pillows and linen.

Whilst in storage the door should be secured slightly ajar. A deodorizer placed inside fridges or freezers is also a good idea to maintain freshness. Don’t place items inside fridges or freezers as the shelves and linings can be easily marked and damaged.


Where possible, disassemble furniture and place all pieces in a box with assembly instructions. Tape any loose screws on to the inside of the box. This way you will ensure that you have everything in one place when you need to reassemble the item.

Clean all furniture thoroughly before storing. Use a sheet or tarp to cover large pieces of furniture and keep it clean. A sealed bag is a good solution to protect pillows and cushions.

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile arms/legs of furniture from scratching and denting. Use the padding (cushions/pillows etc) from furniture for extra protection.


When packing your smaller electronic items, try to put all like items in one, clearly labeled box. Pack instruction manuals and cords with their original electronics. This will ensure that these bits and pieces are easy to find.

The original boxes for electronic items are ideal to repack in. If this is unavailable, wrapping items individually in bubble, packing them in Cartons, and sealing the top will offer protection for your electrical items. It is best to remove any batteries from remotes and toys to avoid damage from leaking batteries.


There’s no use wasting space with unnecessary documents. So shred documents that aren’t needed and organize them in to clearly labeled boxes. Tabbed folders are a great way to organize all of your documents.

Business records and documents containing sensitive personal information should be stored or disposed of securely. Consider using water proof lockable boxes for these types of documents.

Protect the edges of frames by covering the corners in cardboard. It is also a good idea to wrap the whole thing in cloth or paper to add moisture protection. Finally, add a layer or two of bubble wrap to ensure that both frame and picture are protected from bumps and scratched.


It is important to plan the layout of your self storage unit so that you all of your items can not only be accessed with minimal fuss when/if you ever need them, but also in a way that protects them from moisture/heat damage. With this in mind, below are a couple of ways you can achieve this with simple planning.

Leaving a central aisle down the center of your storage unit with small interval walk ways allows for easy access to all of your items.

Leave a small gap between the wall of your unit to allow for air flow. This helps to prevent moisture and heat damage.

Laying a tarp or plastic sheeting down before you pack your unit will help avoid condensation damage.

This allows for easy access to items that you are likely going to use.


Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Fragile items are always a concern during a move. These are five tips that will help you store your fragile items wisely before you put them in the Self Storage Yarraville.


Wrap Your Glassware in Layers

Your glassware and ceramics will be your most sensitive items. You should use layers if you want to protect these items fully. You should place newspaper, styrofoam, or another type of filling in the middle of your cups and glasses. Next, you’ll need to make an outside protective layer for these items using newspaper or bubble wrap. Tape the outside protective layer to the items, and then stack them into a box that fits their shape precisely. Place bubble wrap or an alternative filling into the box where you find any leftover space. Tape the box shut and label it “fragile” so you remember to take special care when you move it.


Put Heavy Items Down Below

Heavy, sensitive items such as televisions should be placed at the bottom of your Self Storage Yarraville unit. You should place a hard layer over the screen before you place it into a box. Cardboard is an excellent protective cover for the screen if you don’t have the original box for the television. When placing the television in a box, be sure to put styrofoam or bubble wrap on the bottom and sides of the box to protect the unit.


Store Fragile Items on Top

All of your light, fragile items should be stored on top of the heavier items. This will ensure that nothing crushes them if your wall of stored items falls as you’re packing everything away. Again, you’ll need to make sure you label everything that can easily break so you and your helpers will know to take special care of the items.


Wrap Paper Items in Plastic

The chances are high that you will have a lot of important paper documents that need to go inside the Self Storage Yarraville. You must take special care when you store those items because they can deteriorate if moisture hits them. Make sure you purchase air-tight plastic bags that you can put the documents into. The plastic will prevent the air and moisture from hitting your documents and destroying them.


Put Small Items in Plastic Containers

You may also have small, fragile items such as ceramic trinkets, salt and pepper shakers, light bulbs, electronics. It would be wise for you to wrap these items inside of bubble wrap individually and then protect them even further by placing them into a plastic box. Put some packing peanuts in the bottom of the box and then fill the box up strategically so that none of the small items move around when you move the box. Mark fragile on the lid so you know to handle the container carefully and place it on top.


Tips for Living in a Home During Renovations

Several years ago, I underwent a massive bedroom and kitchen renovation project. What that meant is that I wasn’t able to sleep in my bed or wash dishes for approximately 3 months. Did I choose to spend money at a hotel while this happened? No. If you are contemplating the possibility of staying home while you undergo a renovation project this is for you. In this guide I provide some tricks and tips to help you live in a home undergoing a renovation project.

Protect Your Pets and Children

If you have children and pets in your household, you need to let the contractor become aware that the safety of your children and pets is of the utmost priority. It will really be up to you and your spouse to ensure that you manage your children and pet’s prying hands and eyes. So, set some ground rules your kids need to abide by and be ready to enforce said rules. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your children and pets far from potential safety hazards associated with the project. You should ensure you keep your living space thoroughly cleaned so that pets don’t get debris and chemicals all over them.

Spray the Dust

There’s a high probably that your home will experience an influx of sawdust as the contractors work away. At the end of every day, you may notice dust residue in various sections of your living area. Brooming and vacuuming this type of dust can prove to be difficult and may cause it to become airborne and subsequently spread throughout your home. But, by using a fine mist spray pump to spray the affected area, you are essentially eliminating the possibility that it will fly away once you start to clean it up.

Self Storage

The less things you have lying around, the less you will have to clean. One of the most effective things you can do is to get a storage unit. Self Storage units come in all sizes and price ranges to accommodate individuals on a large or a tight budget. By contacting your local self storage facility they can provide you with tools and packaging to store your clothes, furniture, electronics and other items you may not need while the project is being conducted.

Precooked Meals

If you’re having your kitchen renovated it goes without saying you won’t be able to access it. Unless you want to wash your dishes in the sink, you should consider buying precooked and fully cooked, yet frozen meals. By doing this, the only thing you will need is a microwave and a small refrigerator for you to enjoy your meals. Consider using plastic forks and plates to end the headache of having to decide where you can wash them safely.

Some other tips to consider include:

  • Turn HVAC system off to prevent debris circulation.
  • Remove fragile items from the construction zone and pathway of the construction workers.
  • Wear shoes and protect your feet from debris.

It’s also important to note that having an extra storage space to store your belongings is a must during a home renovation. Self Storage Brookyln will help make the whole process easier with their affordable and secure self storage service.

Finally, after going through months of stress and anxiety with the ups and downs of renovation, you will realise that it was all worth it! After the final touch is installed and your house becomes a home, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing your family now has a safe and gorgeous home to live in.


Building a Home Gym on a Budget

If you’re looking to stay healthy and fit, it’s important to build a home gym. It’s not hard to build your own gym, and you can even free up space for it by looking into self storage untis. The best part is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your gym. The following guide can help you build a home gym without going over your budget.

To help increase your motivation for this project, here are three reasons to consider a home gym:


Works for your Schedule

It’s not easy to make it to the gym when you’re working long hours or taking care of your household. You may find yourself neglecting your workout routine. What you need is a gym right inside your own home. This way, you can work out around your schedule. You don’t have to worry about driving to the gym or keeping up with a membership.


You Can Work Out in Private

If you’re like many other individuals, you’re not a fan of working out in front of other people at the gym. You may not like the feeling of being watched as you exercise. A home gym gives you the privacy you need when getting in your daily workout. You can even close the blinds or build the gym in your basement.


Allows you to Focus

The lack of focus is another drawback of working out in a gym. There may be too many people nearby to focus on your work out, or you may find the constant noise that comes with some equipment to be irritating. When you work out at home, you can focus on your own exercise routine.

You have finally created enough space for your home gym by placing some items in your Self Storage Footscray unit. The next step is to figure out how to build your home gym on a budget.


Start with the Basic Equipment

You can build a home gym for under $1,000 by sticking with the basic equipment for losing weight and gaining muscle. Invest in a jump rope, weight plates, Olympic barbell, flat bench and a squat rack with a pull-up bar. You don’t need to spend another $1,000 to add a state-of-the-art machine to your home gym.


Keep it Simple

If you cannot afford the above equipment right now, you can always start with simple items such as a balance ball, dumbbells and resistance bands. In addition, you can also add in a yoga mat, elastic pull rope and push up bars for an affordable price. You can invest in equipment of different sizes and weights without breaking the bank.


Switch your Equipment as Needed

You can change things up a bit by trading your equipment between your home gym and self storage. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying additional equipment out of boredom. If you would rather keep all of your equipment in your home gym, you can create more space by placing additional items into your storage unit.


Best Places to Hit The Slopes when Skiing in Australia

Planning your trip to the Southern Hemisphere for a skiing holiday is a daunting prospect but be prepared to find the best places to ski with our guide in Australia’s most popular ski resorts. The South Australian Alps, the world’s second largest ski resort, provides some of the country’s best skiing and snowboarding from the beginning of June through October. Here are our top picks from Jim’s Self Storage in Melbourne.


Mt. Buller, Melbourne

Mt. Buller, a three hour drive from Melbourne, is a comfortable choice for inbound travellers. Melbourne’s massive Sydney International Airport is situated in the heart of South Australia, only a few miles from the city of Adelaide, enabling you to travel out of town for about 6 hours to easily fly to one of Australia’s best ski resorts.

For just a few buses leaving Sydney, the best choice is to take a bus to Canberra+, where you can book a ride to the snowy mountains quickly. When you’re from Canberra, the lesser-known national capital, the trip just takes 2.5 hours and you’re flying to Sydney International Airport for a fast detour to one of Australia’s finest resorts.

Mt. Buller is from Melbourne just three hours away, and if you don’t mind an early start, you can get there in less than an hour! Pro skiers go south, where they’ll find the blue slopes (read: rough and scary), while novice skiers like to go up the red slopes and down the mountain’s north side. Mount Hotham is located about 700 kilometres (eight hours) southwest of Sydney, and is one of the most popular ski resorts in Australia.

Many who have never seen a pair of skis will catch a Discovery Pass that includes lessons and access to eight lifts for beginners. Throughout the slopes you can even rent equipment and ski for free, taking advantage of seven lifts that take you around the mountain with excellent ski conditions and views. Flights to the mainland are easy to catch for skiing while exploring the natural wonders of this picturesque area.


Perisher Ski Resort, NSW

Whether you want to venture into Australia’s Self Storage Yarraville area, Perisher provides many peaks and nearly 50 lifts that hit hundreds of trails in New South Wales.

It provides stunning ocean views, dolphin swimming and even spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, if the conditions are correct. Skiers and boarders will ascend four peaks without ever getting to the station in the valley. There are four separate ski lifts available altogether.


Mount Hotham, Victoria

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort is considered Australia’s powder city, and has been a renowned ski resort for over 125 years. When you want to win a double New Zealand, you should go hiking, sailing and sailing at Mt. Hutt before taking stunning views of Auckland city and Auckland harbour. It was named New York City’s best ski resort, and in 2012 named the world’s second best ski and surf resort.

Mt Hotham hosts many enthusiastic skiers, with slopes for beginners, novice and intermediate skiers. Experienced skiers can enjoy stunning views of Mt. Hotham, as well as a number of ski and snowshoeing routes.

Self Storage Yarraville also provides fairly easy access to the slopes and Melbourne’s Mount Hotham is only a 4.5-hour drive away, making it a popular choice for skiers and snowshoers. Sydney is home to some of the best known Australian beaches, including the trendy Bondi Beach. Only a few hours ‘drive from Melbourne, you’ll find the Melbourne Harbor Bridge’s best views that inspire you to find yourself in the Alps.


Self Storage For The Business Owner

Owning a business is a fantastic way to earn a living in the modern world. This is also a good way for people to make the most of their own talents. While owning a business can be a great way to make money, it also needs of a lot of special care. All business owners in the modern world need to be aware of the challenges they face. A well operated business can please clients and generate business. One way to keep on top of things is with the use of proven techniques such as Self Storage Yarraville.


Inventory Control

Management of inventory is where many companies can really go beyond in the modern business world. Companies that are actively involved in the buying and selling of products today are those that need to pay close attention to this process. Self Storage Yaraville makes it easy for people to make plans about the products they offer for sale. It’s is crucial to stay on top of the inventory. All business owners should know when items come in and when they leave. They should also ensure that the products they sell are in good condition. The use of self storage makes that process much easier.


Seasonal Items

As the seasons change, so too can a business owner’s needs change. Many business owners want to find ways to respond to the change in seasons. They want to decorate their stores for Christmas and show off the fun of other holidays with the ideal items in their store. At the same time, business owners do not want to buy items each year to celebrate the holidays as they arrive. Placing items in Self Storage Yarraville makes that process a snap. Placing things here means they’re always on hand when the owner wants them.


Promotional Plans

All business owners need to engage in promotional efforts. Promoting a business has many advantages. It allows them to get their name in front of the public in a good way. A sale sign can draw people in. Storing sale and promotional signs in a single place also enables the owner to remain organized. Many business owners have a distinctive look they want to promote in the public mind. Colors and logos can create a brand that people remember. Keeping unique items related to promotions in Self Storage yarraville makes it easy to have a sale whenever they wish.


Basic Prototypes

Developing a business can take a lot of time. Companies may spend months or even years creating new products. They may need to have prototypes and other items on hand as they continue to create items the general public is going to use and like. At the same time, they do not want these items falling into the hands of their competitors. Putting them away in a safe space away from the prying eyes of unauthorized viewers is a great choice. It keeps such items secret and allows for the process of product development to continue apace.


Office Furnishings

Older items in the office may still have value and be of use to the company owner. Employers may need to have access to such items in order to entertain large crowds for company parties and other kinds of corporate activities. Folding chairs and tables can be kept in a storage facility and brought out as needed. This makes it easy for companies to plan for any group of people at any time. They can also use these items to accommodate temporary employees during highly busy times. They have places to sit and work.


Jims and Covid 19

COVID-19 Update – Stage 4 Lockdown

An important message from Jim’s Self Storage


To all our valued customers,

From 11:59pm Wednesday 5th August 2020, Victoria has imposed Level 4 restrictions across metropolitan Melbourne.
Under this restriction level, we are a ‘permitted industry’ and will be open for on-site work with a Covid Safe Plan.

The following measures have been put in place:

  • You may be planning to access your storage space during the Government imposed restriction. Until 17th September 2020, access to our facility is limited to people who have a genuine and unavoidable need due to personal circumstances, along with those working in ‘permitted industries’ or providing ‘permitted services’. We recommend you refer to the Victorian Government website for more information.
  • Box shop CLOSED onsite however boxes and packing supplies are available online for click ‘n collect or delivery. Phone orders also welcome by contacting us
  • Sanitising stations at all trolley bays to disinfect before use.
  • Hand sanitiser stations located around facility.
  • Onsite toilets will be closed to customers.
  • Courtesy trailer still available during this time, with contact free pick up.
  • Social distancing applies and masks must be worn onsite at all times.

For further information on Covid 19, please visit the Vic Government website here

If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not visit the facility, for your safety & the community. 

We are doing everything we can to make sure our customers and staff are safe. Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Best regards,

The team at Jim’s Self Storage.


The Art of Home Renovation

Renovating your home can be fun and exciting. It can also be very stressful. There are so many things you need to consider when doing renovations. It is also difficult to pin down the exact cost, so you end up paying more than you budgeted for. This is how it is for most renovations. Depending on the size of the renovations, you might also need extra man power and self storage to get the job done. That extra storage comes in handy when you want to move stuff out of the way.

You also need skilled craftsmen who understand their jobs well and won’t make mistakes. Every mistake you make when renovating is extra costs at the end. Every extra material you use comes back to haunt you since you be paying for more. Making sure you are budgeting for your renovations is an essential part of the process. Without a comprehensive budget, you might find the costs are ballooning out of control. You also need to set guidelines for your renovations. You need to go into the process known exactly what you want so you don’t overspend.


Hiring the Right People

The most important part of doing renovations the right way is hiring good people. Without those people doing the job you will be stuck in purgatory. Your workers need to understand your needs in order to do the job well the first time. One of the worst parts about doing renovations is having a worker do something then doing it over because you didn’t like it. This happens often and it ends up adding to the cost. The considerable cost of doing renovations is only worsened by constantly changing things. To avoid all of this, you need to have a firm idea of what the finished renovation will look like. Without this firm idea, you will have a lot of struggle keeping on task and getting the job done in a reasonable amount of time and under budget. All of these things are essential to getting the work finished quickly and efficiently.


Storing Your Stuff with Self Storage

Self-storage is essential for doing renovation work. Finding great a great storage provider like Self Storage Altona will help you cut down on the price of things. For example, you can store your tools when you are finished using them. For most renovation jobs, you will also need to store furniture and other items from your home in a place you can trust. Storage space from Self Storage Altona is desperately needed to make sure the job is done quickly. Getting proper storage is one of those things that seem meaningless but is essential to the whole process. Storage also allows you to organize your items in one place so you don’t lose them. One of the worst things that can happen is doing the job and then not having the tools you need when you need them. By keeping everything organized in this self storage unit, you can easily find it whenever you want. You can also store furniture to protect them and keep them safe.