If you experience wanderlust and are never quite satisfied staying in one place for very long, then you’re a nomad. You constantly seek new adventures elsewhere. The traditional lifestyle of owning a home or renting an apartment doesn’t quite mix well with nomads. How is someone with wanderlust supposed to satiate their need to travel without emptying their pockets on hotel expenditures? The solution is to make their mode of travel into their new home. A van can be transformed into a mobile home far easier than you might imagine. This article from Jim’s Self Storage Altona will give a brief overview of how to do just that.

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Once you’ve bought a van, you should find a storage facility that can house all the big items that you own or wish to hold onto even as you travel. Storage Altona is a great choice for that storage. With the van in your possession, you need to first clear it out. Remove the old furniture and place it in your unit at Storage Altona. You can either keep the front seats or get new ones. Next, you need to clean the inside of the van. Simple vacuuming and scrubbing should do the job. If the van has rust, then you should grind it off. Then do a final sweeping and cleaning to prepare for painting.

You’ll want to begin with anti-rust spray on everything metal. Then spray paint the entire interior of the van with glossy white paint.

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This next step is extremely important. Glue Reflectix along the walls of the van. Excess can be stored at Storage Altona. Then glue it to the ceiling. Make sure it is cut to fit both walls and the ceiling perfectly. Next, you should cut rigid foam to fit against the ceiling and any pop-up windows that the van possesses. All other cracks should be sprayed with insulation foam.

Next, you’ll need to attach Reflectix and the rigid panelling to the floor. You should make a template of the floor with some paper to make sure the shape is correct. If your van has windows, then you should use fibreglass insulation on the bottom half of the walls. Without windows, you need to apply fibreglass insulation to the entire wall.

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Using the template from before, first cut plywood to act as your subfloor. You should attach the subfloor with screws. These screw holes should then be caulked and sealed. The seams need to be caulked as well. Eventually, you should install the vinyl flooring but only after you have finished installing the rest of the walling and the ceiling.

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The Details

When it comes to the items like your ceiling, then you need to choose what materials you like to use. You may like panelled wood for the ceiling. You should also include a fan to the top. Your kitchen can be a simple camping stove that rests inside of a closeable dining table. For more home tips, follow the Jim’s Self Storage Altona blog page.