What are your retirement goals? Do you plan on staying in your current home, or downsizing? Are you facing health challenges that could make living in your larger home more difficult, or would you simply like to see more of the world once you’re done working? No matter what your retirement plans look like, Self Storage Altona is here to help.

A Practice Run at Downsizing

If you’re looking to downsize but don’t know where to start, consider setting up a storage unit at Self Storage Altona. Into this, load your seasonal belongings or anything that may be cluttering up your home. This can be anything from summer barbecue supplies to your Christmas decorations. How much space could you free up?

Reduce Your Home Footprint

If you want to downsize to a smaller home, an apartment or an RV, practice by emptying one bedroom completely into your Self Storage Altona rental. Use this empty room to store things you know you’ll need every day. All seasonal clothes can go in the closet and your working desk if you need a home office on a daily basis. You can even reduce the amount of cooking supplies to visualise working in a smaller kitchen. See what efficiencies you can come up with in a smaller space.

Freedom of Small Living

Smaller living spaces are cheaper to heat and cool. They’re also much less work to clean and maintain. How much of your monthly budget is spent caring for and maintaining rooms that you don’t use? Use your Self Storage Altona space to reduce the amount of personal possessions you’re currently working around to see what downsizing can feel like.

Live Comfortably In A Single Storey

Many of us lose the ability to safely and comfortably climb stairs as we age. However, one bad fall while doing the laundry or vacuuming can be severe. If you’re living in multi-storey house, your home may quickly become a health hazard if you have an accident. Downsizing to a safer home is made easy with Self Storage Altona.

Sell Your Home Faster

Interested in selling your home? Self Storage Altona can make it easier to put your home on the market. Pack away your personal belongings and do your best to reduce clutter in your current home. You want potential buyers to see your home as a space they could make their own and this will be easier if your personal stamp is temporarily removed. Of course, you’ll need your personal belongings back when you move into your new space, and you can easily retrieve your items with our storage facility.