If you are looking for some extra or part-time work to gather up some extra cash, then this article is for you. Here are a few easy and satisfying job ideas from Jim’s Self Storage Altona that require no degree or formal education background.

Caring For Children

Children need looking after at all times. Many people are looking for help rearing their kids. You can rent out your house for extra revenue and keep your things in Self Storage Altona and provide it for them. An au pair is someone who agrees to watch over a baby or toddler for a parent. In turn, the parent provides them with a roof over their heads, all meals and a stipend they can spend during their spare time. This is a good choice for those who love babies and small children and want to be around them.



Farming is another ideal choice for any Aussie in need of those extra funds. Farmhands are in great demand in many parts of the world. If you live in a rural part of Australia and you’d like to travel, you can bring those farm tools from Self Storage Altona with you. Look for places that offer a chance to do a little bit of work in turn for a roof and food. You can also offer yourself as a freelancer who works a few hours a week harvesting crops or doing many other kinds of farm work in a fertile area.

farm hands

Media Management

Managing social media accounts is a good way to earn money when you’re not home. You can show companies how a bit of skilled management online can generate fantastic results. Many companies are looking for people who understand how to create a terrific website. They’re also looking for people who understand the customer base in Australia and how people here perceive the world. You can present yourself as an intermediary between the two cultures to business owners who are looking to expand into this part of the world. You’ll earn a living and they’ll get the inside track on this market.

digital nomad

Language Tutor

Foreign language teachers are in demand and expected to remain that way going forward. Native English speakers can offer lessons to private individuals or choose to work with a school that provides such lessons. If you know another language, you’ll be in even more demand. People are looking to learn languages such as Chinese and French in order to improve their own job prospects. Those with the skills employers need will find they have many job offers in any country they find congenial. Just make sure you can demonstrate excellent fluency and you’ll find it really easy.

english tutor