Summer Interior

Summer Interior

Summer Interior

If you’re looking to update your interior decor to reflect these warm summer months now is the time! From a new set of paint, to new interior decor and more, here are some tips from Jim’s Self Storage, Self Storage Altona on how you can create a summer themed home.

DIY stock tank pool

Let’s say you can’t afford to have a pool made and an inflatable pool isn’t an option either. The solution? Use a galvanised steel stock tank. Stock tanks are huge water bowls used in ranches and farms for horses and cattle. In your house, it can be your own plunge pool. Simply place it anywhere outside and cool off when the summer heat gets too intense. Galvanised steel goes well with rustic designs, so if that’s what you’re going for, you already know what to do.

Stock Tank Pool

Get some cute little trinkets

You don’t need to spend a ton of cash in home decorations. There’s always yard sales, flea markets, local stores, and Etsy where you can find original and colourful trinkets. These little decorations can be your tiny details that can spruce up any surface.

Beach Decor

Make your glassware look more exciting

If you need an excuse to get rid of your boring glassware, this is it. Get glassware in fun and unique colours and use them when dining outdoors. But then again, wine glasses, mason jars, and bottles aren’t always used for their intended purpose — they can be decorative items as well. Get your old glassware and add a few decorative touches to them. You’ll find they make exciting new pieces to your summer home.

coloured jug and cups

Swap thick curtains for see-through curtains

To brighten up the home naturally, you need to let in some light. Invest in some light see-through curtains to allow plenty of natural light to get through. These curtains will also add a hint of elegance to your home, plus it can help keep mosquitoes out too.

See through curtain

Fresh coat of paint

Another fantastic way to add a splash of summer to your home is to add some new colour to your living spaces. For a true summer look re-paint your walls with a sky blue accompanied by white finishings such as doors and windowsills. This pastel colour will reflect light in your home and make the space appear brighter. Remember to move your belongings into Self Storage Altona while you paint to avoid any damage.

Light blue wall paint

Wood floors

If you have carpet, summer is the is the time to rip it up and replace it with a hard floor. Carpet is perfect or cooler months but in summer can trap heat in the room and creates a cosier feeling rather than an open, cool, summer feel. Replacing your carpet with polished wood floors will add a more natural feel to your home as well as creating a cooler surface to stand up. If you’re worries about the winter months, buy a few rugs that you can put down weather cools down and take away when the weather warms up again. This job may require some home renovations and take up a lot of space in your house. To avoid this, store your furniture in Self Storage Altona while you re-do your flooring. For more information on renting self storage Altona, click here. 

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