Christmas Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Tree With Presents

Christmas Ideas for Your Home

One of the exciting things to do during the holiday season is decorating your home. From stringing the lights on the tree to carefully placing festive pictures on the walls, you can transform a plain and simple home into one that looks like a Christmas wonderland. Before you begin, get all of your decorations and supplies from your Self Storage Newport unit so that you have everything you need in one place instead of going back and forth to get lights or other items.

Interior Design Christmas Decorations

Go big

Hang oversized snowflakes above your dining table and in the entryways of your home. This will make it feel like a winter wonderland instead of the home that you live in the rest of the year. After hanging the snowflakes, you can begin adding layers with your decorations, such as tall red candlesticks on your dining table and on the end tables along with lights that adorn these surfaces. Gather all of your lights from your Self Storage Newport unit to see which ones work and which ones need to be replaced.

Interior Christmas Decorations snowflakes

Climbing high

A ladder can be used for more than just climbing to get on top of your home. Decorate a wooden ladder by painting it white or by keeping it in its natural colour. String lights along the sides of the ladder and on the rungs so that it glows when the other lights in the room are off. Hang banners on each rung that feature Christmas images or banners with numbers so that you can count down the days to Christmas. Another idea if the rungs are wider is to place holiday houses and other decorations on the ladder for a beautiful holiday display. Set the ladder in an area of your home where everyone can see it when they are walking past.

Christmas Tree and Lights

Light it up

Once you get your Christmas decorations out of Self Storage Newport, decorate the banisters in your home with garland and lights. Add a few ornaments of different sizes as well. Consider using colours that aren’t as traditional for the holiday season when you’re decorating your dining table, such as metallic colours with hints of red and green. You can also use a pattern when decorating, such as polka dots or a checkered image. Don’t be afraid to let lights shine in your home when you’re decorating for Christmas. From candles in red, green, or silver holders to colourful strands of lights on your tree and on the outside of your home, this is a time of the year when you can let your lights shine.


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