Tips on How to Afford your Overseas Holiday

Tips on How to Afford your Overseas Holiday

Tips on How to Afford your Overseas Holiday

Saving for an overseas holiday can be testing at times, and requires a considerable amount of self-control and budgeting. However if you follow these easy tips by Jim’s Self Storage; Storage Altona, you’ll be bound to reach your saving goals and afford the overseas holiday that you’ve been yearning for.

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Travel During Off-Peak Periods

Travelling during peak periods equates to expensive accommodation, flights and tours, and crowded destinations. But travelling during off-peak periods doesn’t mean you should miss out on your ideal season of travel. If you want to experience New York during Summer at a cheaper rate, travel between Spring and Summer, or Summer and Autumn for the same, if not slightly more bearable weather.

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Stay in a Hostel or Airbnb During your Holiday

Staying in a hostel is a fantastic way to save money, and despite their negative reputation, they don’t all fall under the same umbrella. Depending on your destination there can be a variety of hostels available, offering a range of comfort and amenities, at great locations and prices.

However, if you’re convinced that hostels aren’t for you, another option is to stay in an Airbnb. Finding an Airbnb that suits you can be an exciting and unique experience, granted that you have read the reviews and feel that you can trust the property’s host.

Whilst travelling, use Storage Altona to keep your treasured belongings safe.


Budget Well and Commit to Saving

Create a spread-sheet outlining all your weekly expenses and allowances. This will allow you to visually track your expenditures to help you save and not overspend.

Outline achievable saving goals to encourage you to commit to them. At the end of each week or month, view your bank statements and note what you’re spending the most on, and how it can be lessened. There are also great budgeting apps available to help you remain on track.


Cut Your Spending

There are numerous ways that you can easily reduce your spending to increase your holiday savings. Save on fuel and parking by using public transport, limit how often you eat out, and only spend money on necessities. Be social, but set a limit so you don’t go overboard.

One major way to cut excess expenditure is by making your own coffee every day, and preparing your own meals for lunches rather than buying them. It’s also best to avoid buying expensive gourmet ingredients.

During Christmas, participate in Secret Santa with your friends and family. This means only having to buy one or two presents, which will be mutually beneficial for all participants.

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Create an Extra Income

Create other means of earning money from a number of different options. This could involve selling your unwanted clothes online, hiring out your nice clothes, or hosting a garage sale. You could also ask your boss for overtime, baby sit, house sit or even dog sit to earn extra money.

Apps like Airtasker and Gumtree are a great way to utilise your skills and knowledge to earn money in return for random jobs – whether it be lawn mowing or writing cover letters.

Renting out one of your rooms is also a great source of added income, which can be done whilst you’re living there, or while you’re away. Storing your belongings and any extra furniture in Storage Altona will create space and keep them secure whilst you’re away.


Stay Away From Tourist Strips Whilst Holidaying

It’s a given that tourist central locations emit an exciting and welcoming vibe. Despite the fact that they may cater to your every need, it’s smart to steer away from these commercialised areas.

You’ll find that you’ll save a considerable amount of money by travelling not far outwards to shop or dine.  Tourist strips are designed to make the most profit possible by hiking up prices and taking advantage of tourists that are unfamiliar with the area. Also beware of booking experiences through agents, as you can usually do them yourself for much cheaper, or free!

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Saving doesn’t always have to be stressful. With the right determination, shopping hacks, and budgeting, it can be easy to save for and afford your overseas holiday. Contact Storage Altona today to learn of the wide range of storage options available to help you achieve this, before or during your holiday.

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