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Choosing Self Storage Facilities: 4 Quick Tips

While it's great to clear your living space of that stress-producing clutter, sometimes you simply can't throw it all out. Maybe a teenager is just moving out - but you'll suspect they'll be back. Perhaps you're renovating and you just need somewhere to keep all...

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Outdoor Furniture Storage | Williamstown Self Storage

Winter Storage for Your Outdoor Furniture

One of the great benefits of the hot Australian summers is being able to make very good use of patio furniture in your back garden during the summer months. But what about when summer draws to a close? What are you supposed to do with...

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Self- Storage Guide

The DIY Guide to Self Storage Planning & Preparation

Whether you are moving house, traveling or relocating your business, there are many times where you will need to store some of your items. A self storage unit is a great solution to this problem. However, a poorly planned self storage unit where you items are...

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Business Storage Melbourne West

Business Storage: A Smart, Flexible Solution

Business storage is something to consider if you either carry stock, or have piles of equipment you need to keep securely for a while before it moves on elsewhere. Here are a few examples that could apply to any local business: You might import or...

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Moving Boxes | Williamstown Storage


The use of Packing accessories such as Cartons, Porta Robes, Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap and Plastic covers will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage. We have a variety of packing accessories available for purchase....

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