If you need more space in your home, you don’t have to start looking for a bigger home. With these secret home storage tips, and taking advantage of Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown, your home will be more spacious than ever.

Use decorative storage columns and cubes

If you like the look of Roman or Greek columns, there are all sizes of hollow columns that are designed to be concealed storage bins. Also, there are decorative cubes that look like accent pieces. Some decorative cubes are padded and upholstered, which means that you can use them as ottomans. These items help you conceal smaller loose things that would otherwise make your space look messy.Storage Cubes | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown Storage

Maximise storage areas around your bed

Blankets, shoes, clothes and other belongings that you keep in your room don’t require extra chests of drawers or boxes. You can purchase a headboard with shelves or storage compartments. Also, there are platform beds that have under-mattress storage spaces, and there are beds that have drawers under them as well. These types of storage aids make your room look much neater.

Storage Heachboard | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown

Look for storage-friendly tables

From end tables and nightstands to dining tables, there are plenty of storage-friendly designs. You can find end tables with drawers under them. Also, there are dining tables that have shelves, drawers or a combination of both. Some dining sets even have storage space under the chairs.Storage table | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown

Purchase storage benches or living room furniture

If your budget allows you to buy a new set of furniture, look for chairs and sofas that have storage compartments under the cushions or in the armrests. There are also storage benches that you can put under windows. With their cushions, they look like quaint sitting areas. However, they are hollow and have plenty of space to store larger items.Storage Bench | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown

Install cabinet door racks

You can easily install metal or wood racks behind cabinet doors. In the kitchen, you can keep spices, food or utensils in them. This gives you some extra space and makes smaller items easier to grab when you need them.

Storage racks | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown

Add stair drawers

If you own your house or have permission to make alterations to a rental home, you can add drawers to stairs. This project requires some hard work, tools and research. However, you can put anything from seasonal items to children’s toys in them. If you want to install a lock on one of the drawers, you can use it to hide a fireproof lock box with money or other valuables.Stair Storage | Jim's Self Storage Williamstown

Rent a unit from Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown

After you try a few of the previous ideas and realise that you still need more space to store bulky items, bicycles, camping gear or anything else that you won’t use every day, look for Self Storage in Williamstown. You can visit your unit whenever you wish to store more items or to retrieve stored belongings. With a wide variety of unit sizes on offer, Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown has a storage space available for every storage need.