It will come as no surprise, but all sorts of people – like you – just love clothes. It’s now consistently one of the top things we buy online, as choices get more exciting, the fashion world expands and prices become ever more competitive. But the deeper you explore that love for clothes, the more likely you will eventually come across the need to explore the topic of today’s blog: Storing clothes long term from Williamstown Storage.

Indeed, with all those clothes expressing your personality and tastes comes a new problem: there’s only so much wardrobe space. Clothing and fashion are seasonal, you know your interest in something will pick back up, those heavy winter coats won’t be needed for a while, or you may want to eventually hand an item or two down to children.

The solution? Clothes storage. Here’s what to know:

1. Be discerning

Of course, the idea of turning to a self-storage service like Jim’s is so you don’t need to throw out, give away or sell some of the cool stuff that you really love. But that’s the point – is it really all ‘cool stuff that you love?’

So before you ask that question ‘How to store clothes’, the first thing to do is to actually just be honest with yourself and declutter your home with the help of Williamstown Storage. Grab an item and ask yourself if you really can imagine putting it on again … ever! Is it worn out? Have you always suspected it ‘makes me look fat’? If you think the item’s useful life is really over, get rid of it rather than waste space storing clothes long term.

2. Store them clean

Once you’ve decided what to store, don’t make the mistake of not giving them the old ‘sniff test’. No, you’re not wearing them to the disco tonight, but grime and stains in dirty clothes will only become more embedded over time, making them more difficult to get into tip-top shape once you’re ready to wear them again.

And not just that, clothes that remain dirty over long periods of clothing are more susceptible to damage, especially by insects and vermin. But don’t make them TOO clean, as cleaning chemicals can also damage fabric if left on.

3. Pay attention to the packing

Now they’re all fresh and clean, it’s just a matter of throwing them on the storage pile – right? Wrong! While you don’t need to present them with a bow, never forget that the clothes are going to be in their present shape, form and location for a decent stretch – so pay attention to how they are packed. Light delicate items beneath much heavier ones is therefore a bad idea, while packing things too closely together or tightly could result in a loss of shape over time.

4. Give your clothes some space

Vacuum storage bags for clothes are widely available and can be great space savers. But there’s another great reason to avoid cramming lots and lots of clothes into a tight storage space. Most clothes include natural fibres like cotton, linen and wool in the mix, and not letting them ‘breathe’ is an invitation for things to go wrong. Natural fibres need air to maintain their structure, so sucking all of the air out of the bag compresses the garments and fibres. For delicate or expensive items, it may be best to avoid the risk.

5. Choose the right clothes storage solutions

Making sure your clothes come out of storage in exactly the same condition they went in is a whole lot easier if you simply think about the storage location. If you are storing clothes at home, choose a location that is clean, cool, dark and dry. Renting a small long term storage unit from Williamstown Storage is a relatively inexpensive option to store your clothes without taking up more space at home. The best thing is you can use the space for any other seasonal storage as well!

If you are in Melbourne, indulge your love for owning plenty of clothes and confidently expand well beyond the tight confines of your wardrobe. Get in touch with Jim’s Self Storage to book your Williamstown Storage today!