How To Store Fragile Items For Storage

How To Store Fragile Items For Storage

Many people use Williamstown Storage Units for dishes, decorations and antiques that are fragile. If you’re thinking about storing such items but are concerned about them breaking or sustaining other damages, here are some tips from Jim’s Self Storage are some tips for packing and stowing them safely.

Start with acid-free paper

As time passes, delicate items and some hand-painted products may become discoloured if they come into prolonged contact with acidic surfaces or with plastic. You should research each item’s material type to find specific professional packing tips. However, if you’re in doubt, use acid-free paper to wrap an item. After that, you can place it in an acid-free box or in a padded storage tote.

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Use bubble wrap to transport items

If an item is safe to wrap in plastic, it’s still a smart idea to wrap it in acid-free paper before you put bubble wrap around it. Bubble wrap cushions items and protects them from impact-related damage. You may want to wrap some items in bubble wrap only while you transport them. When you arrive at the storage unit, you can fill your totes or boxes with foam peanuts or crumpled acid-free paper.

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Don’t stack heavy boxes

You may be able to stack a small light box or two on top of a heavier box or tote. For example, if you have a single lightweight china cup in one small box and a bunch of stacked dishes in a larger one, you can put the small box on top of the bigger one without breaking any dishes if they are stacked and protected properly. When you put heavy boxes on other heavy or light ones, you may cause pressure cracks or breaks on some items. Storage unit size is also an important consideration with stacking.

When you know how many boxes that cannot be stacked are going into your Williamstown Storage unit, determine the right size of unit to rent based on total box measurements and estimates of any non-fragile items that will also be stored. Keep in mind that you can store fragile boxes on top of sturdy ones that contain non-breakable things.

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