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For people who want access to Melbourne for work but don’t want to handle the expense or lifestyle of big city living, the ideal place to be located is Newport. This nearby suburb lies 7km outside of Melbourne and can be reached in 15 minutes by car on the West Gate Freeway, or 20 minutes by train from the nearby station. It’s also a nature lover’s paradise as Newport is home to Newport Lakes Park, 33 acres of hiking trails and lakes for peaceful weekends that will make the hectic city life of Melbourne seem much further than just 7km away.

If you do decide to make the move out to the suburbs, you might well need the services of a reliable professional storage company like Jim’s Self Storage. This means that if there are any discrepancies between your moving dates, you can have your most beloved possessions kept safe in one of our secure self storage units – one less thing that you have to worry about when making a stressful house move.


Convenient Storage 6 Minutes From Newport

Located only a short, 6 minute drive from Newport, Jim’s Self Storage offers an affordable, secure and convenient Newport Storage solution.

We can offer self storage near Newport for a huge number of purposes. Perhaps you have a large item like a car or a boat that you need to be stored when it is not in use, or maybe you are a business owner who needs to store documents that hold sensitive information safely and securely. Whatever your requirements, we can store your items – simply give us a call or browse our unit sizes.

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