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New to storage or just looking for some handy time-saving hints and tips? You’ve come to the right place! Try our tips below to give you the best self storage or moving experience.

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When storing furniture, such as wooden tables, ensure you wrap them in moving blankets when moving the item from your house into storage to prevent scratching the wood and the varnish.

For cupboards and tall boys, empty draws to make them lighter to carry and to prevent damage from items rolling around inside. Use mattress and furniture covers to protect other items.

When storing dishes and glassware, individually wrap each item with butchers paper and pack scrunched up paper or bubble wrap between and inside the items when placing them into boxes.

This will prevent them from clanging together and breaking during transit. When storing the boxes, ensure no heavier items are stacked on top to avoid breakages.

When storing items such as television sets and computers, it is best to store them in the box they came in. Using antistatic bubble wrap will prevent them from moving around in the box during transit.

Our telescopic boxes often suit many TV’s due its adjustable size. Remove batteries from all accessories such as remote controls to prevent battery leakage damaging your entertainment devices.

Home appliances, particularly fridges, need careful attention when storing them. Before you store your fridge, ensure the entire fridge is emptied, cleaned and has been dried to avoid any mould damage.

Store the fridge upright and leave all doors slightly ajar with an object to prevent the fridge from smelling.

If you have large fragile items such as mirrors that need storing, cover them in moving blankets or use a picture/mirror box to protect them from scratches and chipping.

For smaller items like vases, wrap them in bubble wrap and ensure they are snugly packed into boxes to avoid them moving around in empty spaces and breaking.

When storing wine ensure all bottles are kept separate and fill all available space with cushioning material to prevent any bottles from cracking during transit or storage.

Ensure all boxes are airtight and allow no light to filter through. Also check to make sure any boxes used are completely dry before storing.

When storing lawn mowers, or other machinery, wash off any dirt or grass that may have built up and wipe it dry before storing it to prevent any damage to the paint or insides of the machinery.

It’s important to remove all fuel from the tank before storing your mower as this can be a potential fire hazard.

Label all your boxes or number them and keep an inventory just in case you need something. Use mattress and furniture covers for other items.  Take photos of how things are connected or assembled before taking them apart.

Pack a box of supplies for moving day. Include paper cups and plates, tea bags, coffee and sugar, toilet paper, a knife, a spoon, scissors and tape.

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