Quick Estimation

At Jim’s Self Storage, you pay for the capacity of the storage unit rented. So it makes sense to plan ahead and think about the amount of storage space you need. Avoid having to up-size to a larger unit or paying for space you don’t need. Use this handy space estimator and get in touch with us for advice.

This visual storage calculator gives you a quick estimate of the self storage space you need, or you can use our detailed space estimator for a comprehensive estimate.

Detailed Space Estimator

Tips For Using Our Space Estimator

Nothing could be easier than using Jim’s visual space estimator, which makes planning your self storage fun and not a chore. Take the first item ‘armchair’ for example. Think about how many are in the house. Two in the lounge and one in the office right? If that applies to you then click the plus sign three times in the self storage calculator, and you instantly have an estimate of your storage space.

You can then click “Get a quote” to receive pricing and availability for our Melbourne self storage units.

Bonus Tip: Open the space estimator on an iPad or tablet, and simply walk into each room adding the items for storage.

Add all the items you’d like to store to view your storage space estimate



Bed - Double

Bed - Queen

Bed - Single

Bedside Drawers


Book & Wine Box

Book Shelf


Chest of Drawers

Coffee Table

Couch - 2 Seater

Couch - 3 Seater


Desk Chair

Dining Chairs

Dining Table

Dressing Table


Filing Cabinet


Mattress - Double

Mattress - Queen

Mattress - Single


Outdoor Setting


Tea Chest Box



Washing Machine

Total Space Required
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