Please call 03 9397 3435 to purchase & arrange pickup or speedy delivery!


Please call 03 9397 3435 to purchase & arrange pickup or speedy delivery!

moving boxes melbourne deliveryOne of the best ways to make organising, packing, moving and storing your precious stuff as easy and stress-free as possible is to have all the right packaging materials.


From cartons and moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, to tape, bubble wrap, butchers paper, furniture covers and blankets and so much more, the Box Store at Jim’s Self Storage has everything you need when it comes to the best and handiest in packaging materials.


Whether you’re moving, storing, or you need those packaging materials for something else, we keep a large range of products and supplies on-site so that you can simply pick from below and then pick-up at our Melbourne self storage facility.




Archive box
Archive box

390L x  306W x  260H


Archive box - 10 pack
Archive box – 10 pack

390L x  306W x  260H


Tape dispenser
Tape dispenser


Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap – 1.5w

$2.50 per meter

Dinning chair cover
Dinning Chair Cover x 2


Lounge chair cover
Armchair Cover x 2


Furniture cover for storage - lounge suite
Lounge Couch Cover – 3 seater


Mattress cover - single
Mattress Cover – Single


Mattress cover - queen
Mattress Cover – Queen


Mattress cover - king
Mattress Cover – King


Port a robe - kids/small
Port A Robe – Kids/Small

595L x  476W, x  750H

$10.00 (+$2 for rail)

Port a robe - adult/large
Port A Robe – Adult/Large

594L x 479W x 1099H

$18.00 (+ $2 for rail)

Picture/mirror box
Picture/Mirror Box

1040L x 75W x  780H


Picture/mirror box - telescopic
Picture/Mirror Box – Telescopic

795 – 1550L x 100W x 900H


Wine box with inserts
Wine box with inserts

490L x 325W x 165H


Golf club box
Golf Club Box

450L x  300W x 1150H


Moving blanket - small
Moving blanket – small

1.8M x 2M


Moving blanket - large
Moving blanket – large

1.8M x 3M


Moving blanket - pro
Moving blanket – pro

1.8M x 3.4M


Cube box
Cube Box

500L x 500W x 500H


I’m packing up my stuff – what will I need?

To make sure your things are easy to pack up, suitable for picking up and moving and then safe and sound when stored, these are the things you’ll need:

Boxes for moving: Even in the 21st century, cardboard moving boxes are still the most convenient, efficient, affordable and practical option for storing your things!

Specialty packing boxes: But those cardboard boxes are not all made equal! Jim’s Self Storage offers specialty boxes for conveniently packing up particular things including books, wine, documents, clothes with hangers, pictures, mirrors, golf clubs and more.

Tape: Ever packed up an entire house of stuff without strong packaging tape and a dispenser? Trust us, it will save you an awful lot of time and a few unnecessary headaches if you grab this must-have.

Bubble wrap/paper/blankets/covers: Those who don’t use bubble wrap, butchers paper, moving blankets and furniture covers when moving may seriously regret the damage done by cutting these crucial corners in the safe packing process.

All the moving boxes for sale plus everything else you see on this page and much more besides can be bought by calling 03 9397 3435 and organising pickup or delivery today.

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