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Moving is one of those laborious tasks that most people dread. The excitement of a new home and area can be quickly overcome when packing boxes for moving house. Especially if you’ve lived somewhere a long time or have built up a lot of possessions. If you fall into one of those categories fear not! We’ve put together some of the best moving house packing tips from Williamstown Self Storage to make your moving adventure easier. These tips will help you become an organised packer you’ll never have to dread the day when you have to do it again.

So, take a deep breath and read on.

Create a moving house checklist

Or a planner, if you will. A lot of the common packing problems usually come from trying to do it all at once the day before moving. Have your moving house checklist ready six to eight weeks before move day so you can plan ahead.

Get Rid of Things you don’t need

First step is to declutter your home. One of the best ways to save money is to give away items you no longer need. And two, you’ll be thankful when there are less boxes to pack!

Prepare your packing kit

Have everything within reach to avoid getting frustrated over simpler tasks like labelling. Create a kit that will contain your packing tapes, tags and labels, scissors, markers, and utility knives.

Buy moving boxes

Trying to scavenge random boxes and bags for moving is a sure way to damage something in transport. Take care of your possessions and buy quality boxes for moving designed for the task.

Reinforce the boxes using a high-quality packing tape to add extra strength to your boxes and ensure they stay closed.

Organise, organise, organise

Pack similar items or items from the same room together. Decide which items go to which boxes and label them correctly. You can even use colour coding to have an easier time unpacking when you arrive at your new home.

Start with heavy items

One of the most important packing tips for moving house is to start with heavy items. Put them first on the bottom and the lighter items like fabric and clothing on top. If there’s an empty space, fill it with other lighter things like towels, pillows, robes, or cover it up with a bubble wrap. This will keep the items steady and stable in the box while the truck is on the move.

Avoid packing boxes heavier than 20kg. Use the smaller boxes to pack heavy items like books to avoid strains and pains from lifting heavy boxes.

Do you need Williamstown Self Storage?

It is also advisable to consider Williamstown Self Storage for some of your possessions. This can help take the pressure off a move and make it easier to settle into your new home without stepping over boxes. Decide on how long you’re planning to store them and then work out how much space you need with a self storage calculator.

Hire a professional mover

Decide whether to DIY or hire a removalist in advance to make sure that everything will go as planned. A professional removalist will provide helpful advice on preparing and packing for moving house.

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Prepare an essentials bag

Moving house can be exhausting. So after settling in your new home, avoid tiring yourself out even more by packing an essentials bag. This is where you should put your bottled water, snacks, fresh clothes, pyjamas, toiletries, etc.

May you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with these moving house packing tips. And if you need packing supplies or western suburbs self storage get in touch!