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When relocating, one of the first questions to ask is do I need a removalist or can I do the moving myself? There are a few things you need to know to make an informed decision. To help, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of DIY vs professional moving from our experience as a leading self storage facility for Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Distance of travel

While moving across town in a rental truck is generally not a complicated process, moving interstate is much more difficult. Travelling long distances in a truck with the kids and pets in tow is often very stressful. In conjunction with having to concentrate on driving for long periods of time, you are also responsible for safeguarding the truck and your belongings. If you are moving a long distance hiring a removalist will help keep you sane.

Legal liability

If you decide to do a DIY move, it’s important to be aware you’re liable for anything that may go wrong. If anything happens to the rental truck or it’s equipment you are responsible. Although insurance will cover the cost of the repairs, there is normally a hefty excess to pay. You may not have considered that you are also liable for medical expenses if friends are helping out and get injured during your move.

The scale of your move

While moving the contents of a single room can be accomplished fairly easily in a DIY move, if you’re moving your entire family home, hiring a mover is a better alternative. If you hire professionals to handle moving the contents of your home, they can undertake the packing, moving and unpacking, so you can focus on all the other vital areas of moving, including enrolling the kids in school, arranging for water and power to be connected and finding a job.

Timeline involved with your move

Often when your moving home you’ll find you have a short space of time between moving from one property to the next. Using movers will help with a tight schedule, however there is another option. The convenience of self storage allows you to store your goods until your new home is ready for you to move in. With the option of 24-hour access and peace-of-mind knowing your goods are secure, self storage makes moving home less stressful and time critical (We also have courtesy trailers available!). You can also move your goods and furniture at a date and time that suits you and your family.

Moving costs

DIY moving often seems appealing, after all, you save the cost of paying professionals right? There are costs associated with DIY moving. If you need to rent a truck the cost can easily get out of hand if you take longer than expected. Add in fuel, insurance and any removal equipment and the cost may become comparable to hiring a mover. Don’t forget to allow for a slab of beer or nice bottle of wine for your helpers!

It really comes down to your own situation, so considering these points will help make the right decision to DIY or hire a mover.