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Several years ago, I underwent a massive bedroom and kitchen renovation project. What that meant is that I wasn’t able to sleep in my bed or wash dishes for approximately 3 months. Did I choose to spend money at a hotel while this happened? No. If you are contemplating the possibility of staying home while you undergo a renovation project this is for you. In this guide I provide some tricks and tips to help you live in a home undergoing a renovation project.

Protect Your Pets and Children

If you have children and pets in your household, you need to let the contractor become aware that the safety of your children and pets is of the utmost priority. It will really be up to you and your spouse to ensure that you manage your children and pet’s prying hands and eyes. So, set some ground rules your kids need to abide by and be ready to enforce said rules. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your children and pets far from potential safety hazards associated with the project. You should ensure you keep your living space thoroughly cleaned so that pets don’t get debris and chemicals all over them.

Spray the Dust

There’s a high probably that your home will experience an influx of sawdust as the contractors work away. At the end of every day, you may notice dust residue in various sections of your living area. Brooming and vacuuming this type of dust can prove to be difficult and may cause it to become airborne and subsequently spread throughout your home. But, by using a fine mist spray pump to spray the affected area, you are essentially eliminating the possibility that it will fly away once you start to clean it up.

Self Storage

The less things you have lying around, the less you will have to clean. One of the most effective things you can do is to get a storage unit. Self Storage units come in all sizes and price ranges to accommodate individuals on a large or a tight budget. By contacting your local self storage facility they can provide you with tools and packaging to store your clothes, furniture, electronics and other items you may not need while the project is being conducted.

Precooked Meals

If you’re having your kitchen renovated it goes without saying you won’t be able to access it. Unless you want to wash your dishes in the sink, you should consider buying precooked and fully cooked, yet frozen meals. By doing this, the only thing you will need is a microwave and a small refrigerator for you to enjoy your meals. Consider using plastic forks and plates to end the headache of having to decide where you can wash them safely.

Some other tips to consider include:

  • Turn HVAC system off to prevent debris circulation.
  • Remove fragile items from the construction zone and pathway of the construction workers.
  • Wear shoes and protect your feet from debris.

It’s also important to note that having an extra storage space to store your belongings is a must during a home renovation. Self Storage Brookyln will help make the whole process easier with their affordable and secure self storage service.

Finally, after going through months of stress and anxiety with the ups and downs of renovation, you will realise that it was all worth it! After the final touch is installed and your house becomes a home, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing your family now has a safe and gorgeous home to live in.