Jim's Self Storage units in Williamstown

It wasn’t too long ago that the big dream was for a big, grand home with plenty of space to stretch out. But things are changing fast. People are more environmentally minded. They want something low maintenance. The cost of houses and living is high. All of this means that demand for small homes and apartment living is higher than ever. The only problem with that is that it’s all too easy to run out of space for our stuff. What’s the answer? Smart apartment storage ideas, of course!

Here are some storage ideas for apartments that can also be used in any situation where space is at a premium.

1. Vertical storage for apartment living

A tight space can quickly become cluttered if you try to have everything within easy arm’s reach. Extending cupboards and shelves to the ceiling can make a huge difference. By storing things you need less often in these new spaces there’s really no inconvenience at all. Use it for cooking supplies, kids toys, extra linen, books (which look amazing when stacked from the ceiling to the floor) and the like.

We can’t mention going high without going low, especially when low storage can actually be easily reached with a little bend of the back.

There are places to convert into low storage that you’ve probably never considered. Those kitchen kick-boards, for instance, can quite easily become nooks or extra drawers, and the cupboards under the sink are all too often an under-utilised storage ‘dead zone’. Take another look at furniture – are there storage havens under your bed or coffee table?

2. Smart storage for apartment living

Those with tight spaces to play with sometimes come up with the most amazing and innovative storage ideas for apartment living.

Among the coolest solutions are:

  • Innovative furniture that multi-tasks for storage.
  • Hanging baskets suspended over a kitchen island bench.
  • Recessed shelves that take advantage of wall cavity space.
  • Peg boards for kitchen utensils
  • Baskets that hook under existing shelves


3. Self storage for apartment living

Finally, many people think absolutely running out of space and reverting to a self storage solution is a last resort – but it shouldn’t be seen that way at all.

For instance, Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown has a range of storage unit sizes, and a small unit is extremely affordable and can therefore be regarded as a flexible extension of your day-to-day apartment storage.

Thinking outside the box and sharing a unit with a neighbour or friend is also an option, especially for those things that you really won’t miss all throughout the year. We’re talking seasonal storage of things like Christmas decorations, beach toys and winter clothing.

By keeping an open mind to clever apartment storage ideas and not seeing self storage as a last resort, you can reap the benefits of the growing popularity of living comfortably in smaller spaces. Remember, when we’re storing stuff, it can be very easy to get stuck in the usual ‘horizontal storage’ mindset. But the most efficient apartment storage ideas are often not horizontal, but vertical.