Jim's Self Storage units in Williamstown

Fragile items are always a concern during a move. These are five tips that will help you store your fragile items wisely before you put them in the Self Storage Yarraville.


Wrap Your Glassware in Layers

Your glassware and ceramics will be your most sensitive items. You should use layers if you want to protect these items fully. You should place newspaper, styrofoam, or another type of filling in the middle of your cups and glasses. Next, you’ll need to make an outside protective layer for these items using newspaper or bubble wrap. Tape the outside protective layer to the items, and then stack them into a box that fits their shape precisely. Place bubble wrap or an alternative filling into the box where you find any leftover space. Tape the box shut and label it “fragile” so you remember to take special care when you move it.


Put Heavy Items Down Below

Heavy, sensitive items such as televisions should be placed at the bottom of your Self Storage Yarraville unit. You should place a hard layer over the screen before you place it into a box. Cardboard is an excellent protective cover for the screen if you don’t have the original box for the television. When placing the television in a box, be sure to put styrofoam or bubble wrap on the bottom and sides of the box to protect the unit.


Store Fragile Items on Top

All of your light, fragile items should be stored on top of the heavier items. This will ensure that nothing crushes them if your wall of stored items falls as you’re packing everything away. Again, you’ll need to make sure you label everything that can easily break so you and your helpers will know to take special care of the items.


Wrap Paper Items in Plastic

The chances are high that you will have a lot of important paper documents that need to go inside the Self Storage Yarraville. You must take special care when you store those items because they can deteriorate if moisture hits them. Make sure you purchase air-tight plastic bags that you can put the documents into. The plastic will prevent the air and moisture from hitting your documents and destroying them.


Put Small Items in Plastic Containers

You may also have small, fragile items such as ceramic trinkets, salt and pepper shakers, light bulbs, electronics. It would be wise for you to wrap these items inside of bubble wrap individually and then protect them even further by placing them into a plastic box. Put some packing peanuts in the bottom of the box and then fill the box up strategically so that none of the small items move around when you move the box. Mark fragile on the lid so you know to handle the container carefully and place it on top.