8 Garage Storage Ideas

Garage Storage Ideas

8 Garage Storage Ideas

Having enough space to store all of your possessions can be a daily struggle. It can be all too easy to throw things into the garage with no sense of logic or order, which means that you really can’t find what your need when you need it, and that you aren’t maximising the space you have. But with these garage storage ideas, you can make that headache a thing of the past.

Sliding ceiling storage

Sliding Ceiling Storage

Source: familyhandyman.com

Yes, your garage floor might be covered in junk, but there’s a good chance that your ceilings are bare and simply crying out for a storage solution. This is a great weekend project for a DIY enthusiast – just install some wooden beams and put some crates on wheels and you have an innovative garage storage solution.

Plus, the ceiling is a great place to store things like power tools outside of the reach of small children.

Innovative bike shelf

Innovative Bike Shelf

Source: daily.sightline.org

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll want to store your bike in a safe but handy place.

By installing a simple shelf on to the wall of your garage, you can rest the top bar of the bike frame on the shelf, leaving some room for things like your bike lock and water bottle.

Shovel rack storage

Shovel Rack Storage

Source: www.familyhandyman.com

Garden tools are a hard one to store and it can be tempting to just throw them against the wall. But if you want to put items like rakes and hoes and shovels in order, you can create a simple shelf with grooves along its length, and you can very simply slide those tools into the groove, ready to use whenever you need them.

Garage shelving

Garage Shelving

Source: ana-white.com

Considering that the garage is an often used placed for storage, it’s amazing how few people actually think to make the most of their garage storage by integrating shelves. Purchase some simple standalone flat pack shelving options, and you’ll never be lost for a place to put your garden shears or your kids’ old school drawings.

Folding garage workbench

Folding Garage Workbench

Source: ana-white.com

If you happen to be a keen DIY-er, a workbench is a great piece of kit to have in your garage. When it’s not in use, you can use it as a shelving solution to store your power tools, and it can even double up as a workout bench.

Timber racks for the wall

Lumber Racks Wall

Source: ana-white.com

And again, if you are handy with the power tools, you no doubt have some lumber laying around too. Instead of letting that take up valuable ground space in your garage, it’s a much better idea to mount wooden lumber racks to the wall. You could even make the project one of your weekend DIY activities.

Wall tool holders

Wall Tool Holders

Organising the smaller tools you have such as spanners, screwdrivers, hammers, and small drills can be a real nightmare.

The simple solution is to throw them all in a toolbox, but the tools get mixed up and only the brave can delve to the bottom of such a container. Nailing smaller holders to the wall is a canny garage storage idea that makes all your tools visible.

Fishing rod storage

Fishing Pole Storage

Source: instructables.com

Anyone who likes to fish knows how important is to keep fishing rods in good condition, which is a difficult task if they are thrown into the garage.

This is a great opportunity to utilise ceiling space again. Drill holes in two wooden planks and set them parallel to each other on the ceiling so you can store your fishing poles out of harm’s way.

And after all is said and done, and you really do need some extra storage, you can always rent a self storage unit for bulky items or things you don’t need to access often.

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