Jim's Self Storage units in Williamstown

Seasonal self storage where you own the keys to a secure lockable unit, is a great solution when you need different things for different seasons. Why let your Christmas decorations steal garage space in winter, when you could use it to prepare the kids toboggan for a trip to Falls Creek?

It makes even less sense to have the skis laying round in summer when you need space for the fishing rods. There has to be a better way, and that better way is seasonal self storage. Consider these advantages.


Seasonal Self Storage: Through the Seasons

Spring is a perfect time for cleaning away the mould and cobwebs, washing, ironing and folding away the winter clothes, and breaking out the cozzies and suntan lotions. Cupboard space is limited so you pack away the winter woollies in a cardboard box and start sorting through the summer gear.

But you can’t find the swimming towels easily can you, and there’s nowhere to put the accumulating pile of boxes. The easiest way out of your spring storage blues is a unit at your local Melbourne self storage facility, but is it worth the cost? Let’s explore the benefits and find the answers.

As glorious Summer rolls over Spring you start realising what a great idea seasonal self storage is (and how little it costs compared to the advantages of the decluttered house you always dreamed of). This just has to be the answer to the smaller houses they build these days, and the tiny cupboards builders squeeze into even tinier kitchens. Why have the Christmas turkey roaster taking the space of a frying pan and two pots, when you can store it down the road and bring it out in season.

Now let’s see, with Autumn on the horizon what happens next? After we dust the sand off the boogie boards and drain the moisture from the portable aircon we can take them down to our local seasonal self storage unit.

While we exchange them for the heaters we have been secretly longing for, for dark winter nights, do you think we should bring the Christmas decorations back to check what’s missing, or can it wait for another month?

Winter’s going to be really special now we bed down for the colder months. The awnings are back up on the veranda and the clothes dryer installed. The bikes are packed away leaving room for our stock of wood for log fires. Come on winter, we have our woollies back so do your worst!


Seasonal Self Storage: Right Sized Houses

There really is no alternative to seasonal self storage for growing families. It helps us right-size our houses, so when the kids have left we have just the amount of space we need.

Need to know more? Why not visit Jim’s award-winning seasonal self storage in Williamstown, Melbourne and take a look around. Don’t suffer with a cluttered home!