Jim's Self Storage units in Williamstown

Business storage is something to consider if you either carry stock, or have piles of equipment you need to keep securely for a while before it moves on elsewhere. Here are a few examples that could apply to any local business:

  • You might import or buy a special offer because the exchange rate works for you, or the price is good. You know that it will sell, but where will you keep it for a while.
  • Perhaps you are building up for Christmas, but need to order ahead because your supplier shuts down in your busiest month. You need to keep it somewhere, but do not want to expand your local business premises.
  • Possibly, you are planning a big installation but your client is running a month late. You cannot return the goods and your business storage space is overrunning. Your landlord can help, but wants a six-month lease.
  • Maybe you are developing a stand for an expo coming up next month. You have wisely built in a few weeks slack but your fitter wants delivery and payment now. You paid a deposit. You cannot afford to take a risk.

In times like these, just-in-time self storage becomes the obvious answer for any local business. It may cost more per m2 than a fixed lease, but it is lighter on cash flow if you only have it when you need it.


Business Storage is Easy When You Know How

A typical business storage installation comprises a single or series of separate self storage units, based on single garage sizes or sometimes containers. Having local business storage available like this is a boon for any company with a temporary over-storage need. Securing a self storage unit is as easy as picking up the phone, our staff will guide you from there.

The beauty of this arrangement is that the units are rentable for a time as short as a single month, enabling a client to be flexible within a flexible business storage system. Jim’s Self Storage have made it easy with a handy space calculator on our website. This makes it possible to optimise overstocking, and avoiding requiring another storage unit.


Expert Storage Tips for Any Local Business

It often pays to have suppliers pre-pack stock in standard dimensions, although Jim’s Self Storage can assist with inexpensive, robust packing boxes. Other handy tips to consider are:

  • Ensuring that everything is dry before storing it
  • Avoiding leaving things packed inside cupboards
  • Never storing fresh goods that could perish
  • Protecting fragile items with bubble wrapping
  • Removing all batteries that could leak acid
  • Ensuring adequate insurance coverage

These are normal precautions to take before transporting goods. Hence there is little extra work involved in using a modern business storage facility.

Having a convenient storage system nearby like Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown, means a Melbourne business storage client can pop by to deliver and uplift items frequently. In fact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can solve your business storage needs today.