Jim's Self Storage units in Williamstown

While it’s great to clear your living space of that stress-producing clutter, sometimes you simply can’t throw it all out. Maybe a teenager is just moving out – but you’ll suspect they’ll be back. Perhaps you’re renovating and you just need somewhere to keep all of your beloved stuff. Maybe you’re downsizing and need Storage Williamstown to store extra items. Or maybe you have a boat for the weekends but have nowhere to keep it during the week.

Or maybe, or maybe, or maybe… As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why self-storage can be not just a choice, but one of those little necessities of life.

So you’ve decided to put some of your stuff in self-storage. But now comes the question: How do I choose a self storage facility and know it’s really worthy of housing my valuable possessions?

1. Location

Just like moving house, location is a big factor for self storage. If you’re storing something you need regular and ready access to, like business equipment, it makes sense to choose a storage facility that’s nearby, such Williamstown Self Storage from Jim’s Self Storage. On the other hand if you need access infrequently choosing a facility further from town could save you money with cheaper self storage units.

2. Will it be safe?

Face it: if you really weren’t concerned about security, you would just leave your stuff on the front porch, right? It’s obvious that security is a must – but a really good self-storage facility, such as Jim’s Self Storage, Williamstown Storage, will go above and beyond. We’re not only talking about things like good lighting, but all the latest technology including 24 hour video surveillance, constant computerised monitoring, the availability of insurance, and individual unit alarms with pin codes only you know – because if your storage facility doesn’t care about safety, then who will?

3. How often can you access your stuff?

For many people, the next question after ‘Will my stuff be safe?’ is ‘Will it be a problem to access it? And we’re not just talking about access hours, but in what form that access is in. For instance, will you have sole access and full control of your unit, including possession of all the keys? Will access be convenient for your particular lifestyle over 7 full days of the week?

4. The people behind your Williamstown Storage

It may be ‘self’ storage, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want the support of an amazing team. Why’s that? You want your storage facility to be maintained, presentable and clean, you want those who run the business to be committed to you and the community, and you might even want the peace of mind that the operators feel so strongly about looking after your stuff that a manager actually lives on-site.

Tip: A great way to find out more about the people behind a business is to read online reviews. Great reviews will typically talk about customer service, praising businesses who go above and beyond the call of duty with extra smiles and friendliness.

Of course, the best way to really make sure you’re making a safe and wise choice the next time you need self-storage is to get in touch with Jim’s Self Storage to ask some questions or arrange a tour of our Williamstown Storage facility. If you’re in Melbourne, we’d love to hear from you!