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One of the great benefits of the hot Australian summers is being able to make very good use of patio furniture in your back garden during the summer months. But what about when summer draws to a close? What are you supposed to do with your furniture then? Well, this is when it’s really important to have a winter storage plan for your patio furniture, no matter what material it is made from, because the winter climate can wreak havoc with outdoor furniture. Follow these furniture storage tips and you’ll be able to ensure that your summer furniture really stands the test of time.

First of all, clean thoroughly. You might think that it’s good enough to give your furniture a quick hose down before placing it in winter storage, but for long-term preservation this is not the best course of action. This is because those bits of grime and even specks of dust can work together with the water and oxygen in a damp atmosphere and create mould and mildew. This isn’t only unsightly, smelly, and hard to remove, but it can actually be dangerous for humans to be exposed to it, causing respiratory problems.

If you have a high pressure water cleaner, this is a great piece of kit for quickly blasting every piece of dirt off your patio items at the end of summer so they are ready for winter storage. Just make sure it’s had ample time to dry.

Then, protect your furniture. In the same way that people moisturise their skin each day to protect it from the natural elements, your furniture needs an occasional layer of protection as well. The type of wax, oil, or sealant that you use will be dependent on the material of your patio furniture. Plastic furniture can typically be covered in a protective wax, while wooden furniture will often benefit from an oil based sealant to prevent water from penetrating the material. It can be problematic when this happens because if water is introduced to wood, warping of the wood grain can occur. And if you have metallic outdoor furniture, it’s wise to search for a sealant that will protect it from rusting.

Covering and storage. It’s important to remember that not all storage spaces are equal in merit. If you have a garage that is particularly damp, you are probably unwise to keep your furniture there for the whole of the winter. Fortunately, there are plenty of seasonal storage solutions that are reasonably priced and maintain the perfect atmospheric conditions to emerge from a winter in hiding unscathed.

And if you would prefer to keep your outdoor furniture on your own property, it’s wise to invest in coverings so that the winter elements are kept well away. These can easily be found in different sizes to suit any piece of furniture you might have.

When the time comes to take your furniture out of winter storage, you’ll find it preserved in very good condition, and ready for another summer in the Australian sunshine!