Most travel enthusiasts say that Christmas in July is just as exciting as the real Christmas and it is for that reason that many destinations present unique deals. However, if you are keen on White Christmas with snow and even reindeer, then early planning is critical. If you are ready to experience the magic that winter has to bring, then this article From Jim’s Self Storage Kingsville will provide you with the best destinations that you should check out. The safety of your belonging and how to store them during this cold holiday experience is also very important.


New York City, USA

There is uniqueness when it comes to experiencing the holiday season in New York and one of them is the famous ice skating. While travelling to this destination, you will find hotels that provide you with suites for purposes of self-storage and at the same time focus on having fun while in the city. The Christmas window display is also unique scenery and shopping on 5th Avenue during winter is something you should not miss. The city fully embraces Christmas activities and you will find it even more enjoyable.

new york Christmas

Lapland, Finland

The perfect place for you and your family to be able to experience white Christmas away from the busy work and schedule of the year. The endless snowfalls that characterize this region and the reindeer experience are a few of the things you should not miss at any given point. There are many key attractions that you will find in this area as a result of rich investment both in service and regeneration of projects that are specifically meant to enhance the quality of life in most holiday sites in Lapland. If you are into skiing or snowboarding, be sure to take your gear out of Self Storage Kingsville.

lapland Christmas reindeer

Bruges, Belgium

During December holidays, this ancient city truly changes and depicts its real name. Snow covers most of the city items and at the same time influences the manner in which new lifestyle patterns are adopted along the way. It is a destination that you will find interesting while at the same time keeping the social class that meets your holiday needs.

belgium winter

Sapporo, Hokkaido

Although traditionally a Buddhist country, Christmas is very big in Japan, especially in Sapporo on Japan’s most northern Island; Hokkaido. Every year Sapparo boasts Gerrman themed Christmas markets which is a must-see. The European markets are infused with Japanese culture creating a unique Christmas setting unlike anywhere else in the world. Another must-see is the annual Christmas light displays which light up the city. Remember to bring your scarf and warm jackets out of Self as Sapporo can get down to -10 degrees Celcius.

Sapporo Christmas light display